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The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc.  

About Us

The Nomads is a social outdoors group for gay and gay-friendly men of all ages. Over 100 men, spanning a wide age group, are involved in the activities of The Nomads.

Members come from Melbourne, country Victoria and the other states of Australia.   The Nomads is based in Melbourne, Australia and has been in operation since the summer of 1981-1982.

The activities of The Nomads cover a broad spectrum, with a strong outdoor influence.   Examples include:

To see the program of events in the coming weeks, please click on the Events button and choose Current.

As often as possible, we grade our activities to indicate the level of difficulty and/or effort involved in them.  There may be some special equipment required.
All outdoor activities have some degree of risk attached to them, but The Nomads is committed to managing and minimising those risks.   The Nomads trains Leaders to identify and analyse potential risks and to plan and conduct activities to minimise them.
Membership for The Nomads is paid on an annual basis and is renewable on January 1st each year.  For more information about becoming a Member, please click on the Membership button.
The Nomads produces four Newsletters a year, with each newsletter covering a four month period.  The four months allow for forward planning, and correspond approximately to the seasons.
We have put together an information sheet about how we organise Events and also about Car Pooling.  You can see this if you click here:General Information Sheet.

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