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The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc.  

Joining The Nomads - Notes and Information

Application to Join The Nomads

To join The Nomads, you need to complete an Application Form.  You can do this on-line or you can print out an Application form to complete and post.  You can choose which method you want by clicking one of the buttons at the foot of this page.

Membership Type - Single or Joint

The Nomads has two classes of Membership: Single and Joint.  Joint Membership is where two persons residing at the same address are in a domestic relationship, and each individually will enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership.

Payment of Subscription

Once you submit your Application to Join, the Committee of Management will review it.  If your application has been approved, we will send you a letter that details what your subscription fee is and how to pay it.
notes: We do not operate a Credit Card payment facility, but we do accept payment by Internet Transfer or by Direct Deposit at branches of the Commonwealth Bank and at most Post Offices.  You can click to see the full schedule of Subscription fees.

Register of Members

The Secretary maintains securely a register of members containing the name and address of each member and the date on which the Member joined the group.  For more details about the Register, you may wish to view the Rules of the group .

On the Application Form, you will be invited to choose whether you wish to nominate your Residential Address, your Postal Address or your Email address to be entered into the Register.


The By-laws of The Nomads (view the By-laws ) provide that:


The Nomads has full insurance cover for both Public Liability ($10M) and Personal Accident Injury (up to $50K) which applies to all financial members while engaged in a Nomads activity.

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