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The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc.  


Membership of The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc. is by Application to the Committee of Management.  Once approved, Membership is achieved by payment of the Subscription fee.  Recognising the nature of our community, we have two classes of Membership:

Subscriptions are paid on an annual basis and are due for renewal on 1st January each year.
A discount is given to Members who hold a current concession card that is recognised for public transport in Victoria or Melbourne.
For New Members joining, the initial subscription fee is calculated on a pro rata basis using four quarterly steps.

Subscription Fees

For a single membership, an Email Subscription costs $40 plus a Joining Fee of $5. For a joint membership, a Postal Subscription costs $87 plus a Joining Fee of $10.

Click here to see the complete Schedule of Fees.

Apply to Join

To join The Nomads, you will need to complete and submit an Application Form.  You can do this either by printing, completing and posting it or you can do this on-line.
For more about joining The Nomads click here:Joining The Nomads.

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