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The Nomads Outdoors Group Inc.  

Links to other groups on the Web

Wayward Women Walkers Logo Wayward Women Walkers Inc. (Victoria) This group is not now operating
Bent Kranks Logo Bent Kranks Mountain Bike Club - Gay and Lesbian Cycling Group (Victoria) Off-road non-competitive mountain bike rides in forests.  Also bike path rides around Melbourne for different rider abilities.  Putting the fun back into cycling for the gay & lesbian community.   Bent Kranks is based in Melbourne, Australia.
Man Camp Victoria As a result of damage caused by bushfire, this group is not presently operating.
SCOG Logo Team Melbourne - GLBTIQ Sports Alliance of Melbourne Team Melbourne is an umbrella group comprising clubs and individuals involved in Melbourne's queer sports and recreation scene. Team Melbourne is your one stop shop for information about gay and lesbian sport in Melbourne, Australia.
SCOG Logo SCOG - Southern Cross Outdoors Group (New South Wales) The Southern Cross Outdoors Group Inc. (SCOG) is a group that organise a wide range of outdoor activities for the gay and lesbian community such as bush walking, hiking & camping trips, usually two or three times per month.  It is based in Sydney, Australia.
ACTOUT Logo Australian Capital Territory Outdoor Group ACTOUT, based in Canberra, Australia, appears not now to be operating.
OutTrekkers Logo Out Trekkers (Brisbane, Queensland) Outdoor Group - [EMAIL] OutTrekkers is a mixed-age group of fun gay and lesbian people and their friends who go bushwalking every 2 weeks or so, and camping every 2 or 3 months.  It is based in Brisbane, Australia.
Contact: by email to or at
Flag of South Australia Adelaide Happy Wanderers (South Australia) The Happy Wanderers is an informal group of predominantly gay walkers that meet monthly and take part in walks, usually in the Adelaide environs.
WA Wanderers logo WA Wanderers Bushwalkers (Perth, Western Australia) The WA Wanderers Bushwalkers is a social walking group for gay guys and their friends who are keen to get outside and enjoy Western Australia's countryside.  Visitors from out of state or overseas are welcome to join the group walks.  The group usually walks on the third Sunday of the month.  It is based in Perth, Western Australia.
Wellington Wanderers logo Wellington Wanderers (Hobart, Tasmania) GLBT Outdoor Activities Group - [EMAIL] Wellington Wanderers is a GLBT outdoors activities group based in Hobart, Tasmania.   Contact: by email to
CountryNetwork Logo Country Network (all states) Country Network was founded to foster contact and friendship among homosexual people.   Membership is spread throughout rural areas, country towns and cities all over Australia
  Aussie Van Dykes (all states) Aussie Van Dykes now appears not to be operating. (lesbians throughout Australia who enjoy the great outdoors)
IGLOO Logo IGLOO: International Gay and Lesbian Outdoor Organizations IGLOO is an informal world-wide network of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Outdoor Organizations.
UK GOC Logo Gay Outdoor Club (United Kingdom) The Gay Outdoor Club operates throughout the UK and provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender men and women.  These activities include walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, climbing, canoeing, caving, mountaineering, and skiing.   GOC has over 1300 members and offers up to one hundred meets per month, in the UK and other countries.
Bushwalking Victoria Logo Bushwalking Victoria (most walking clubs in Victoria, Australia) Bushwalking Victoria exists to serve the interests of bushwalking clubs and bushwalkers in Victoria, Australia.  It was formerly known as the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs.

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