Socialising Online

During these challenging times of COVID-19, it's important to stay healthy, stay connected and stay active. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that without putting yourself (or anybody else) at risk of catching the virus.

  • Online Card Games: using the Trickster Cards website to play any of a number of common card games with friends is almost like being in the room with them. Nomads Members can play against each other as explained in Online Games (you need to be signed in to access that). You can also play with strangers or against the computer. It's best played with video and sound enabled, but also works without that.
  • SBS On Demand: here's a massive selection of quality queer films. The list changes regularly, so keep coming back to it.
  • Crisis Heroes: A free community platform where you can offer or seek help. Do you need help with shopping, supplies, food, mail, business or emotional support? Or would you like to offer assistance? If so, please register at Crisis Heroes.
  • Register for an exercise buddy: Are you looking for an exercise buddy in your 5 km zone, or happy to help somebody in your area who's looking for a buddy? Register via this form and hopefully we can find a match for you - check which suburbs have outstanding match requests.
  • TubiTV: A video streaming service with a vast library of movies and television shows you can stream from your phone, smart TV or streaming device at no charge. The only catch is that you'll need to watch some ads while you stream its content. Try search terms such as LGBT, gay, queer etc.
  • Gay Men's Yoga - Online Classes - group classes are mixed gender; private classes are available.
  • Gertrude Street Projection Festival: their 2021 festival got cancelled, so they've provided it digitally. Click on an artist, then on their video.
  • Online Chatting: there are many tools for chatting with friends online. One that works very well for communicating with a number of people simultaneously is Zoom, which can be used in meeting mode (where everybody can see each other) or webinar mode (where participants can only see the host, or the host's computer screen). See our Zoom Tips page.
  • JOY 94.9: Melbourne's very own queer radio station is still operating, with many presenters broadcasting from their homes. Listen on 94.9 FM or online. They also have a massive library of podcasts
  • YouTube: search for "Virtual Walks Youtube" and take some of the resultant virtual walks. Or search for any other topic of interest. For example, check out this Railbiking adventure in Patagonia - a wonderful 25 minute documentary of a cycling journey in Patagonia (Argentina) on a disused rail line - the bikes were "adjusted" to enable them to ride on the rails for an incredible experience riding through a great wilderness region. 
  • Plan Your Next Walking Trip: while you have lots of spare time indoors, do detailed research and planning for your next overseas walking holiday. Our Overseas Tours page has some tips to help get you started.
  • Exercises for home: the City of Yarra has put together these videos showing how to workout at home. Check your local gym too - they may be doing something similar.
  • Nomads Cycling Catalogue: some itineraries, with maps, for cycling around Metro Melbourne. All these routes can be adapted for walking. 
  • Casual Sex? Bad news unfortunately, but Thorne Harbour Health have some great ideas for sexing up your COVID-19 life.
  • Smiling Mind: some tips for maintaining your mental wellbeing.
  • Netflix Parties: Keep social while you Netflix and chill WITH FRIENDS online.
  • Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel: an incredible way to explore the Sistine Chapel. Click and drag, or use the arrows to move around, or use + or - to zoom.
  • Virtual Museum Tours12 famous Museums offer virtual tours you can take on your couch.

There are many, many other options, but the above ideas should be a start. Check out websites of places where you normally socialise - many are getting quite creative in finding ways to continue providing their services. If you have other suggestions, please send them to us at

Tip: your Internet access is incredibly important at present. Try to set up an alternate Internet access method (e.g. using your phone as a hotspot) as an emergency backup.

Photo: Long Forest Walk 2008 led by Subra N.